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#Values are Spread from Rome to Luxembourg

Not only has #Values been instrumental in raising $1 million for the purpose of putting 54 under-served students through college in Southern California, it has become an international bestseller and opened doors for me to spread #Values to countries around the world.

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Bringing #Values to Washington D.C.

As I sat in the State Capitol, along with other VIPs, listening to the new president getting sworn in, I felt surreal. All of a sudden, I remembered the day in 1974 when I lay foot on U.S. ground for the very first time.

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A Thought About Giving…

What is a Gift? Have you ever been the recipient of an anonymous gift where you could not thank anyone for it? Many years ago I was given some gifts by someone I now call my angel.

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A Thought About Collaboration…

I am writing this article from Bethlehem after spending the last 1.5 weeks with a group of leaders, learning about the culture, and the history of the issues surrounding Israel. This morning before leaving Jerusalem, a distinguished professor from a local university and regular lecturer in North America, Professor Paul Liptz, gave a discourse about the issues happening not only here in the middle east, but also world-wide.

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A Thought About Making Decisions…

I thought I would share a little part of a chapter I just finished about Values, hoping it will enrich your leadership journey.

As I visited with President George W. Bush many years ago, he said: “It is not just what we have; it is what we do with what we have that makes the difference.” At the time he was talking about the United States of America. I took this personally and it became one of my mantras.

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A Thought About Trust….

Here’s a peek into a chapter in my book on our duty as leaders: “As leaders we are called upon to inspire others to follow our lead and walk alongside with us on a journey that is bigger than us – this journey can be accomplished well, through the collaboration of groups of people with similar values, vision and purpose.

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