“A must read for current and emerging leaders, #Values depicts the art of influence and impact of leadership decisions. Full of incredible stories and examples of how leadership values determine outcomes, #Values is a riveting set of guiding principles. Great guidance by Dr. Betty!”

~ Myrna Soto

Senior Vice President, Global CISO, Comcast, NBC Universal

“The subject of leadership, and leadership values, is often spoken of in academic tomes, but rarely through the intense certainty that comes only as a product of overcoming the challenges of real-world leadership experience. Betty Uribe is that rare author whose life has been an uncommon exemplar of what she brings to us in #Values. To understand leadership, one must be a leader. Betty Uribe shares with her readers that extraordinary experience of being a leader and living her values. For students of leadership values, and those who aspire to be one, this book is a rare and wonderful journey into the life of a leader. A true inspiration.”

~ Michael E. Gerber

Chief Dreamer, Chairman, Michael E. Gerber Companies, Author, The E-Myth Books Leader, “Every Life a Legacy”

“What does it mean to live a value-based life? It means being the same person in the dark that you are in the light, without compromise or expediency. In her timely new book, #Values, Dr. Uribe highlights several such leaders and shows how living a life of integrity and trust can literally transform your future, and help you to align your path towards congruence and true greatness. I highly recommend this enlightening book!”

~Stephen M. R. Covey

The New York Times Best-Selling Author, The Speed of Trust, and Coauthor of Smart Trust

“Dr. Betty has nailed the topic of leading a values-based business by leading a values-based life. She learned very tough lessons growing up in Colombia, then coming to America in turmoil at a young age, and not speaking a word of English. Dr. Betty’s life and this book provide a pathway to a happy life and to successful leadership results. Her story is an inspiration to all of us, and her words of wisdom and encouragement are as heartfelt and authentic as Betty herself.”

~ Bob Carr

Founder and CEO, Heartland Payment Systems, Founder, Give Something Back Foundation, Author, THROUGH the FIRES: An American Business Story of Turbulence, Triumph, and Giving Back and Working Class to College: The Promise and Peril for Blue Collar America

“Dr. Betty breaks the mold of traditional books on the subject by including inspirational stories from great leaders who created a high value and high integrity organizations while achieving great results.  #Values is a must read for leaders at any level.”

~ Carlos Fuentes

Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of New York

“Revealing, inspiring, richly rewarding.”

~ NBC News

“Values, authenticity, and character shine brightest during times of challenge, uncertainty, and adversity. Dr. Uribe’s writings reinforce that doing the right thing may at times be tough in the short term, but consistently pays dividends in the long term, both personally and professionally.”

~ Dennis V. Arriola

Chairman and CEO, Southern California Gas Company

“Before we can decide if a leader is worth following, we have to know what they believe, what they hold dear, and what guides them. In short, we need some sense of their values. There’s a quaint word that we don’t hear often enough these days: values. Yet values are a critical—if often overlooked—ingredient to the managerial stew we call leadership.

“In her book, #Values: The Secret to Top Level Performance in Business and Life, Dr. Betty Uribe unpacks the reasons some people become good leaders, and those things that keep others from realizing their full leadership potential. Drawing upon the wisdom of “values-based” leaders in both the military and the corporate world, Uribe shows that good leaders started out as good people. Concentrate on creating more of the latter, and we’ll find ourselves with more of the former.

“This book is a valuable addition to the existing library on leadership. Dive into it, and you’ll emerge with a better understanding not just of leadership but also of something even more mysterious we encounter every day: human nature.”

~ Ruben Navarrette Jr.

Author, A Darker Shade of Crimson: Odyssey of a Harvard Chicano Syndicated Columnist, Washington Post Writers Group

“In the US and the UK, leaders tend to focus solely on their fiduciary reason-ability to shareholders. In Japan and China, the focus is broadened to include their obligations to society, employees, and business partners. Many of the problems we have seen over the last fifteen years would have been prevented or minimized if leaders promoted a culture of values and integrity.

“#Values is a must-read for anyone trying to build an organization from ‘Good to Great.’ Dr. Betty Uribe is the right author for a book on Values-Based Leadership!”

~ Stephen Christensen

Dean of the School of Business, Concordia University

“During challenging and changing times, leaders show their true colors through their #Values. This profound book provides a truly fresh perspective, inspiring stories, and practical tools for creating the kind of world we dream about—where honesty and integrity are in the minds and hearts of all.”

~ Marcia Wieder

CEO, Dream University, Best-Selling Author, DREAM Founder, The Meaning Institute

“Dr. Uribe has created a book to inspire us all to be better leaders and, as a result, better in business. Whether you are a fledgling entrepreneur, a recent MBA graduate, or a seasoned CEO, there is wisdom to be gained from her insightful book. When leaders align their behaviors with meaningful personal values, entire cultures can shift and drive greater success. This is powerful stuff!” 

~ Nina Vaca

Chairman & CEO, Pinnacle Group, Corporate Director, Kohl’s Stores, Cinemark Theatres & Comerica Bank, Presidential Ambassador, Global Entrepreneurship, Chairman Emeritus, United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

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