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The Secret To 
Top Level Performance
In Business and Life

International Best-Selling Book

Arriving in the United States from Colombia at the age of twelve and not speaking any English, Betty Uribe’s first job was cleaning houses to help support her family. Fast forward to today, and Dr. Betty Uribe is a nationally and internationally renowned senior banking executive, entrepreneur, speaker and author. The secret to her success? Values-based leadership.

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#VALUES: The Secret To Top Level Performance In Business and Life

How can a good leader be GREAT? Dr. Betty Uribe Uncovers the Secret to Top-Level Performance in Business and Life. After moving from Colombia at an early age to becoming a C-level executive, Dr. Betty Uribe recognized that the world was crying out for better leadership—particularly better values in leadership. This realization, combined with her goal of helping people succeed, sparked her pursuit to uncover the secret to top-level performance in business and in life. Along her own leadership journey, she learned and observed a variety of leadership styles, which caused her to question why some were more effective than others. After years of research and observation, she discovered that leaders with clear and sound values were the most effective in their profession and their lives. It was clear that values-based leadership was the secret to sustainable top-level performance in business and life. Thus the idea behind #Values was born.

#Values is packed with stories, real-life lessons, and wisdom from some of the top values-based leaders in the world. Throughout her book, Dr. Betty highlights her own leadership journey in business and in life. She deftly blends academic models with her own experience, as well as that of men and women she regards as exemplars of varied styles of effective leadership. She explores the broad spectrum of leadership types and the unifying principle and importance of values. Dr. Betty provides the tools, advice, and encouragement needed to help anyone become a better leader.

Dr. Betty Uribe

What can #Values do for you?

  • How to pinpoint your life and leadership values
  • How to identify your strengths and those of your leadership team
  • How to lead effectively when you face obstacles “ in the trenches”
  • How to make decisions using her proven decision-making model
  • Dr. Betty’s Top Ten Guiding Principles
  • How to live with a greater purpose and find fulfillment through serving others


"This book is a valuable addition to the existing library on leadership."

~Ruben Navarette Jr.
Washington Post

The Washington Post

"I really admire the vision Dr. Uribe has laid out and gladly encourage reading the book"

Mons. Giacomo Pappalardo
The Vatican

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"#Values is a riveting set of guiding principals ... great guidance from Dr. Betty!"