Four weeks ago in New York City, I was honored to be invited to join the “Fortune Top 50 Most Powerful Latinas.” At the ceremony, we were wined and dined and attended workshops throughout the day where we got to know one another. Patty Sellers, executive director of Fortune Top 50 events around the world said, “So, ladies, you’re on the list – so what? Now what? What do you do with yourselves now?”

I raised my hand and said, “I’ve organized a luncheon for all the California Top 50 women so we can unite under a common cause locally.” Immediately, another woman said, with a bit of a competitive attitude, “Well, we can do the same in Atlanta!”

My answer was, “Excellent! That is exactly what I intended to inspire – for all of us to join forces to make a difference.” I was talking to everyone in the room, men and women – not just my fellow Fortune Top 50 women.

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