I am writing this article from Bethlehem after spending the last 1.5 weeks with a group of leaders, learning about the culture, and the history of the issues surrounding Israel.  This morning before leaving Jerusalem, a distinguished professor from a local university and regular lecturer in North America, Professor Paul Liptz, gave a discourse about the issues happening not only here in the middle east, but also world-wide.  At the end of his discourse and based on my experience here in Israel the last 1.5 weeks, here are three key messages:

1.  COMMUNICATION IS KEY – We are leaders of people; as such, it is our responsibility to ensure our people are well informed when change is about to happen; otherwise they will fill in the blanks with their own perception of what is happening, and that could be detrimental to our ultimate goal as leaders.  Always perception is their reality so we must manage to perception.

2.  COLLABORATION IS A MUST – The issues the Middle East is facing today are very similar to the issues being faced in Corporate America.  There is a social epidemic resulting from lack of what we are now calling “Conscious Collaboration.”  As leaders it is our responsibility to collaborate with our employees and gain insight from them on what is best for the organization, and check in to ensure the steps we are taking are the right ones based on who we have leading our teams and serving our clients and communities.

3.  ACKNOWLEDGMENT AND RECOGNITION ARE CRITICAL – I believe all too often we take our teams for granted, expecting them to always put their best foot forward and not allowing time to recognize and acknowledge their work.  It is good for us to stop the clock and realize that we don’t do this alone.  It is all about the team who executes flawlessly, and as leaders it is our duty to ensure they are well recognized for the work they do every day to add value for our clients and organizations, for generations to come.

More to come on this topic; for now I will leave you with this quote from Professor Liptz, which I have modified to better address our leadership journey:  “We as leaders will get absolutely nowhere unless we understand our employees and corporate culture as well as we understand ourselves.”

A Thought About Collaboration…