Here’s a peek into a chapter in my book on our duty as leaders:  “As leaders we are called upon to inspire others to follow our lead and walk alongside with us on a journey that is bigger than us – this journey can be accomplished well, through the collaboration of groups of people with similar values, vision and purpose. This happens easily when we first focus on our people. When trust is built, results come quicker because there is no wasted time in politics, and people second-guessing what the leader could be up to; instead everyone works together for the good of the whole. Communication and transparency are key. Like Bob Carr, CEO of Hartland Payment Systems — who chose transparency with Wallstreet, his employees and shareholders in the midst of one of the biggest security breaches in the history of the payment processing industry — it is our duty as leaders to lead with transparency, honesty, communication and collaboration. It is only then that we are able to build values-centered teams who carry the same values, vision and purpose through their organization, and in turn create sustainable high results,  where everyone wins: the employees, their families, the company, the community and the shareholders.”