Bringing Hope to Those in Need

Bringing Hope to Those in Need

In June of 2016 while traveling in Israel, we stopped in a small town known as a mystical city called Tzfat.

I walked into a gallery and right before me was the most amazing sculpture I had ever seen, “The Hope”, by Nicky Imber, a Vienna Holocaust survivor and renowned artist, is a statue of a mother holding her child up towards the sky symbolically heralding a new generation. I knew when saw this beautiful statue that she represented the change I wanted to make in this world. Hope has become the cornerstone of my foundation, Infinite Hope International, and she is a daily reminder of the work that lies before me. On July 20, 2016, Infinite Hope International was established to promote scholarship funds to kids in unserved areas of the world.


My goal is to give 100 scholarships in each continent.

My goal is to give 100 scholarships in each continent. This desire took root when, at the age of 17, my brother, Fernando, told me I was smart and that I should go to college and go out and touch every corner of the world. His belief in me was reinforced when he gave me $500 and told me to enroll in college. This created a paradigm shift in me; it made me realize that each of us can be a conduit to make a difference globally for people in the world and that education was the key to making a difference. Change a child change a life.

I am now doing this by giving from the proceeds of my book #Values, through the Give Something Back Foundation and the Unstoppable Foundation. The Give Something Back Foundation focuses on educational scholarships to underserved areas of the United States to help break the cycle of poverty within a family. The Unstoppable Foundation provides sustainable education to children and communities in developing countries.We have begun a work in Kenya and are excited going forward to continue in our partnerships to improve lives.

We can all make a difference on a local, even a global, level just by making a decision to do it! Wake up each morning and ask, “What can I do with what I have?” Align yourself with your purpose and join me in this journey to make a difference in this world one person at a time.