Get the Most Out of Your Corporate Giving

Nearly every company engages in some form of volunteerism, charitable giving or other form of philanthropy. Employees seek out community-oriented companies and customers expect local businesses to give back. But each business leader has to answer the question, “Where can our corporate giving resources make the biggest difference?” To find the answer, you have to look inward before you extend a helping hand outward.

Creating a Strategy

John Urban, a senior partner with The Philanthropic Initiative, says volunteerism and charitable giving have become such a big part of doing business that you must be proactive, and that means building a philanthropic strategy. “Your goal should be to align your philanthropic strategy with your business strategy,” Urban says. “The first step is to take a look at all of your stakeholders – your vendors, employees, customers, and stockholders – and how they influence your business, which will help you define what causes you want to support. Look at your capabilities as a business, and the ways those capabilities can be utilized to have an impact. You want your people, your goals and your giving to be aligned.”

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