I recently wrote a white paper about the impact of companies when their leaders focus on the company’s purpose and reinforce the company’s core values. As we approach a season of special DAYS: Father’s, Graduations & Weddings, it occurred to me that the same principles of leadership apply to our roles as fathers, responsible young adults and newly married couples.

Just like clear purpose and values create more engaged, productive and loyal employees, this is also true for families. In a recent interview with Chris Bennett, Director of Development at Lab Holdings, LLC., when asked what his secret was to creating trust in his organization, his answer was: “I am honest and treat everyone like they are the President.” When talking to Mr. Bennett, he mentioned that something he is very proud of is the leadership’s ability to take individuals from all walks of life who are bright and talented, and create an environment where they are valued, trusted, and their voice is heard. He creates trust in his organization, just like we are able to do in all our circles.

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