Ahhhhh – a New Year is here! A time for new goals, new beginnings, and for some of us, a new life! But – what happened to the dreams we had last year as this same time approached? And what about the prior year?

Many times in our lives, we say to ourselves: “When ___________________, I will get/be ___________________.”

Fill in the blanks:

• When I buy the new company, I will have more time for my family

• When I get the corner office, I will have the influence to make a difference

• When I finish the construction on my home, I will have more satisfaction

• When I get that bonus, I will surprise my loved one with that special gift

• When I get my stock portfolio to perform, I will purchase that new car

• When I win the lottery, I will travel to the country I’ve always wanted to see

• When I lose 20 pounds, I will be happy

• When I hire the right person, I will have more time to exercise

• When I ___________________, I will ___________________

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